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Sebastian Max

The Void – a game that really needs a chance


I am pretty sure that not many of you have heard about this game – The Void – and I need to confess that even though this is a game that has appeared a couple of years ago, I haven’t played until now. I have heard about it when it was launched, but after watching the review I didn’t get a good opinion about it (I honestly thought this is a weird game). But these days I found myself in the situation of having nothing to do, so I decided to give this game a try. And believe it or not, this is a game that really deserves a chance since from many points of view it’s a great game. You can find best information right in their gaming guide and then the only thing that you will have to do is click to play.

The Void is a first person adventure game with some RPG elements – it was produced by Ice Pick Lodge, well-known for these types of “weird” games.

In this game we are actually a soul that just entered in a grey zone of existence – some compared this zone with the Purgatory, but you can easily name without being wrong, a transition zone. The first impact with the game is pretty prominent since you will see the world only in grey, sad shades. The interface of the game is using some gestures that will allow you to interact with the environment, some sort of signs drawn using the mouse with which we can extract colors from the mines, we can donate colors, prepare attacks and protect ourselves under the ignorance shield. I am pretty sure that by now you are already bored, but trust me this intrigue is essential for the game and pretty important.

We become conscious in a room surrounded by waters that at first sights seems to be a room in the middle of nowhere. A nice voice tells us to collect the heart that lays on the ground and fill it with the essence of flowers. The essence is actually color. In that room you will also see a tree that at first is dark and dry, but after you fill the heart, the tree shines and from a little hollow the “sister” comes out. But ok, I am going to stop here since I don’t want to reveal you too much.

The point of this game is to fight and to escape the grey zone by filling up with colors. You will get help from the sisters since in the grey zone you will have many enemies that will put many traps to try and to stop you. And yet, even though I said I will stop, I didn’t. Now, I am done, I promise.

So, to sum up, The Void is a game that pretty much plays will your feelings and imagination. At the beginning it’s a boring game, but after you color your first room, you will see that this game is the one that will not let you to get up from your computer.

The Void